Full due-diligence process
Supporting a global medical device manufacturer with a full due-diligence assessment to support partner negotiations

This project utilised the API platform
Therapy area:
Top 10 medical device manufacturer
The Challenge
The client was rapidly approaching key negotiations with a commercialisation partner and needed a full market assessment to support term sheets and a go/no-go decision to continue discussions

The client had limited information regarding the global commercialisation landscape for the specific therapy area and needed to know the criteria for commercial success, along with support quantifying the market opportunity and delivering the decision to senior management
Project objectives
The objective was to guide the client through the full due diligence process consisting of: ​

•Developing a baseline understanding of the launch environment ​

•Understanding the strategic imperatives for successful launch ​

•Quantifying the opportunity for benchmarking against the potential partners’ forecast​

•Making final go/no-go decision to continue partner negotiations and supplement the terms sheet ​
Lightning Health developed a full asset plan for the product, to quantify the market size, addressable patient population, key stakeholders/decision drivers, and critical success factors to meet commercial objectives

The market assessment and proposed strategy/tactics were tested and validated with primary payer and physician research

Final deliverables included a comprehensive forecast model, asset plan, and validated critical success factors that a commercialisation partner must implement to achieve optimal market/revenue potential
•The client was empowered in partner negotiations through a detailed understanding of the market landscape, revenue potential and critical success factors to meet commercial objectives

•Senior management within the company had a clear understanding of the rationale for accepting/rejecting a proposed commercialisation partnership

•The methodology was adopted as the standard approach with the company to support future market assessments and commercialisation partner discussions