HTA support
Building an economic framework and supporting therapy positioning research for a NICE submission
Therapy area:
Global pharmaceutical company
The Challenge
During the development of a NICE appraisal submission, the client required support to define the overall budget impact of the technology under review, and build this into the relevant appendix in the NICE Single Technology Appraisal framework

Work on the budget impact case needed to integrate with multiple other workstreams from research partners engaged by the client, requiring careful alignment to ensure a consistent, coherent approach to the evidence synthesis and analysis
Project objectives
Develop a fully adaptable and user friendly budget impact framework

Ensure alignment with the overall project documentation and patient analysis, working closely with all project teams​

Provide a write-up of the model findings that had the ability to be inserted into the NICE submission documents ready for review by the Evidence Review Group​
Lightning Health worked closely with all project teams responsible for the literature review, dossier writing and the cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA)

Lightning Health reviewed the CEA and model assumptions, utilising the framework and population scenarios to create a set of budget impact outputs based on the same scenarios in the NICE submission documents

The model was created in Excel, and used minimal language and coding so that other team members could easily adapt the inputs to align with any variances in the overall NICE framework
Lightning Health developed a robust, evidence-based budget impact analysis, that aligned directly with other work streams for the NICE submission, with a framework and write up that could be directly inserted into the final submission

Lightning Health worked closely with the client to ensure a high-quality NICE submission was delivered on time, meeting the required standards for the NICE Appraisal Committee