Pricing research
Understanding pricing dynamics to build an accurate forecast model for a clients due-diligence programme

This project utilised the Lightning Insights platform
Therapy area:
Medical device manufacturer
The Challenge
A client was undertaking a comprehensive due diligence process to help strengthen their position during negotiations with a potential commercialisation partner

To support this, they needed a deeper understanding of the dynamics surrounding pricing in key markets to better inform their estimations around the sizing of the opportunity
Project objectives
Develop an understanding of the willingness to pay and willingness to prescribe for their pre-launch asset

Synthesise the outputs into easily understandable implications for the relationship between prescribing and pricing ​

Input the research dynamics into the forecast model to adapt demand drivers based on incremental increases in price​
The Lightning Health team developed a questionnaire within the Lightning Insights platform to test the relationship between incremental changes in price and payer restrictions/prescribing behaviour. This was developed to align directly with the on-going forecast framework

The model report was developed before the research questionnaire was derived to ensure the right outputs were gathered

The quantitative research was completed within 10 days, allowing outputs to be integrated within the commercial forecast to develop a clear understanding of the relationship between the pricing strategy and uptake/revenue potential within the EU5 markets
The approach from Lightning Health ensured the outputs from the research were easily translated into the forecast framework and allowed the dynamics of the forecast model to be extended beyond static assumptions as their due-diligence process progressed