Value message development and testing
Development of an EU payer value tool for local market adaptation

This project utilised the Lightning Insights platform
Therapy area:
Medium-sized global pharmaceutical company
The Challenge
The client was developing a new therapy for the treatment of a gastrointestinal indication with a high level of unmet needs and limited payer awareness.

A comprehensive set of payer value communication resources was required to support payer awareness/education regarding the unmet needs for the condition, and clearly articulate the clinical, economic, humanistic (QoL) and safety benefits for a new treatment to support formulary access and priority positioning​
Project objectives
Create the final messaging framework from a combination of existing and new value messages

Testing and validation of the message set with a representative sample of payers and physicians to determine the strength and credibility of the value proposition​

Redefine the value narrative and build the outputs from the primary research into
Workshop with the client team to draft the value messages and select supporting data

The value message framework and supporting evidence were tested with a sample of payers and physicians; ranking each message according to the strength and credibility, and providing feedback on optimising the value communication strategy and managing potential objections

Messages were plotted on a Boston Matrix to highlight the key drivers of payer/physician value, optimal messaging for stakeholder archetypes, and requirements to strengthen the final value narrative
The client received a detailed evaluation of the value communication strategy, informing the refinement of the European value communication materials, and guidance for optimising the value communication strategy with key stakeholder groups

The client was also able to optimise investment in further data generation to strengthen the value proposition to support access and uptake across EU markets