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CADTH, Common Drug Review, pCODR, Regional Health Authorities and Provincial Assessment Agencies, Private Plans, KOLs
Former members of IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social), stakeholders from the SPS (Seguro Popular), stakeholders from the IMSS-O (IMSS- Oportunidades) program, former members of the ISSTE (Instituto de Seguridad Social al Servicio de los Trabajadores del Estado), stakeholders from armed services health systems, including SEDNA (Secreatría de la Defensa Nacional) for the army and SEMAR (Secretaría de Marina) for the navy. Members of private healthcare insurance organisations, KOLs
Pharmacy and Medical stakeholders from Commercial Insurers (National and Regional), Medicare/Medicaid Plans, MCOs, HMOs, IDNs, PBMs, Veterans Health Administration, KOLs
INAMI, KCE, Hospital Pharmacists Association, HE advisors, KOLs
HAS (TC), CEPS, Health Economists, Hospital Purchasing Groups, D&TCs, Hospital COMEDIMS members, KOLs
GBA, IQWiG, GKV, Arbitration Committee, KBV, KVs, Sickness Funds, Hospital Clinical Committee members, Pharmacists, KOLs
The Netherlands
Ministry of Health, ZiNL, SFK, NZa, Hospital Pharmacists, KOLS
AIFA (CTS and CPR), Regional Health System representatives, Regional HTA members, ASLs, hospital D&TC members, KOLs
AOTM, NFZ, Health Economists, Hospital Pharmacists, KOLs
AEMPS, Ministry of Health, CIPM, Regional HTA bodies, Regional formulary stakeholders, Hospital Formulary Committee members, Health Economists, KOLs
TLV, County Council members, Hospital Formulary Committee members, KOLs
Department of Health, NICE Appraisal Committees, SMC, AWMSG, CCGs, Medicines Optimisation Committees, D&TC members, AHSNs, KOLs
National Social Health Insurance Schemes (urban and rural), National Reimbursement Drug List, Provincial Reimbursement Drug List, Hospital Pharmacists
Former members of the Central Social Insurance Medical Council (Chuikyou), former members of the Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare, hospital formulary committee members
Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Health, Council of Cooperative Health Insurance, Private hospital stakeholders
PBS, PBAC, Economics Sub-Committee, MSAC, Advisory Committee on Prescription Medicines, D&TCs, Public & Private Hospital Directors, KOLs
Former members of ANVISA, former members of CONITEC (National Committee for Health Technology Incorporation), former members of the Federal Council of Medicine, former members of the Brazilian National Cancer Institute (INCA), members of private healthcare insurance organisations, KOLs
Feedback from the Lightning Insights community
I’ve enjoyed working with Lightning Health and found the experience interesting and informative; it has been a constructive two way process. I’ve found the researchers highly knowledgeable and they always ask pertinent, searching questions.
Former NICE Appraisal Committee member
Previous interactions with companies specialising in this area have usually involved attendance in person at advisory boards or lengthy phone calls at a fixed time of day. The Lightning Insights system developed by Lightning Health however is very different. It is simple, readily accessible, convenient, and easy to use.
Senior Hospital Pharmacist
Lightning Health's platform is well designed to facilitate interactions in a rapid and user-friendly way. This initiative is useful to monitor changes in healthcare systems in a comfortable way.
Former advisor to the Central Government
It is always a pleasure to work with Lightning Health because of your high expertise and proficiency in the field of drug development and market access.
Former member of the Transparency Committee
I find Lightning Health extremely professional, putting the respondent in a position to clearly express one's opinions and position in the best possible way, without the risk of pre-conditioning or bias. This is also due to the accurate preparation of the questions, materials, and logical flow of information.
Former member of the AIFA
Using the online research platform has been particularly productive. It enables time for more thought and reflection. If necessary, I can pause and refer to useful resources to better inform my responses. This adds another dimension to the research and adds value to the overall process.
Former NICE Appraisal Committee member
Its attraction [the Lightning Insights platform] for me as a participant lies in the fact that it can be accessed at a time of day which suits me and that if necessary, I can save my responses and then go back into the platform to finish the research at a later date.
Senior Hospital Pharmacist