Lightning Insights provides on-demand research from our global network of payer and physician stakeholders on average within 5-10 working days. The technology can be used as a standalone tool or to optimise consultancy projects.

Our process
Survey creation
Surveys can be created with a wide range of question types on the easy to use platform. This can be undertaken directly by your team or by Lightning Health
Respondent selection
The profiles of respondents can be selected according to archetype. Any screening criteria can be agreed with Lightning Health and additional recruitment for specific stakeholder groups can be completed if required
Compliance & QC
Final research materials including supporting documentation can be downloaded for compliance approval. All submitted questions and materials undergo a final QC review by Lightning Health before fielding the research
Verbatim research findings available on average within 5-10 working days following submission. All responses undergo a final QC review by Lightning Health before sharing with your team​
Direct follow up
Any clarifications or follow up queries regarding a survey can be directly addressed to individual respondents
Report development
You have the option for a customised report, covering the key findings from the respondents and any strategic recommendations
The Community
Our constantly expanding community spans decision makers across a wide range of healthcare systems​

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Former members of ANVISA, former members of CONITEC (National Committee for Health Technology Incorporation), former members of the Federal Council of Medicine, former members of the Brazilian National Cancer Institute (INCA), members of private healthcare insurance organisations, KOLs
CADTH, Common Drug Review, pCODR, Regional Health Authorities and Provincial Assessment Agencies, Private Plans, KOLs
Former members of IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social), stakeholders from the SPS (Seguro Popular), stakeholders from the IMSS-O (IMSS- Oportunidades) program, former members of the ISSTE (Instituto de Seguridad Social al Servicio de los Trabajadores del Estado). Stakeholders from armed services health systems, including SEDNA (Secreatría de la Defensa Nacional) for the army, and SEMAR (Secretaría de Marina) for the navy. Members of private healthcare insurance organisations, KOLs
Pharmacy and Medical stakeholders from Commercial Insurers (National and Regional), Medicare/Medicaid Plans, MCOs, HMOs, IDNs, PBMs, Veterans Health Administration, KOLs
INAMI, KCE, Hospital Pharmacists Association, HE advisors, KOLs
HAS (TC), CEPS, Health Economists, Hospital Purchasing Groups, D&TCs, Hospital COMEDIMS members, KOLs
GBA, IQWiG, GKV, Arbitration Committee, KBV, KVs, Sickness Funds, Hospital Clinical Committee members, Pharmacists, KOLs
AIFA (CTS and CPR), Regional Health System representatives, Regional HTA members, ASLs, Hospital D&TC members, KOLs
The Netherlands
Ministry of Health, ZiNL, SFK, NZa, Hospital Pharmacists, KOLs
AOTM, NFZ, Health Economists, Hospital Pharmacists, KOLs
AEMPS, Ministry of Health, CIPM, Regional HTA bodies, Regional formulary stakeholders, Hospital Formulary Committee members, Health Economists, KOLs
TLV, County Council members, Hospital Formulary Committee members, KOLs
Department of Health, NICE Appraisal Committees, SMC, AWMSG, CCGs, Medicines Optimisation Committees, D&TC members, AHSNs, KOLs
National Social Health Insurance Schemes (urban and rural), National Reimbursement Drug List, Provincial Reimbursement Drug List, Hospital Pharmacists
Former members of the Central Social Insurance Medical Council (Chuikyou), former members of the Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare, hospital formulary committee members
Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Health, Council of Cooperative Health Insurance, Private hospital stakeholders
PBS, PBAC, Economics Sub-Committee, MSAC, Advisory Committee on Prescription Medicines, D&TCs, Public & Private Hospital Directors; KOLS

The right panel is our priority. Our specialised team can support with the bespoke recruitment of stakeholders across a broad range of roles, perspectives, and healthcare systems, to create a customised panel for your research requirements.

Building your research panel
Deciding your research priorities and stakeholder groups
Selection criteria for key stakeholders
Bespoke panel recruitment to meet your research requirements