Navigating the Joint Clinical Assessment in 2025: Are you ready?

Are you prepared for the implementation of the European Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA) – the proposed centralised approach to new medicines seeking approval across the EU member states?

Starting in 2025 with oncology drugs and advanced therapy medicinal products, the JCA’s mandate will be to systematically assess all available clinical evidence for new drugs. By 2030 ‘all therapies’ seeking EU approval will be expected to meet the new outlined joint assessment criteria.

Lightning Health is running a short 90-minute virtual workshop for you and your team to seek further insights and understanding of the JCA.

Some key learnings:

  • Historical context for pan European HTA
  • Understanding the predicted process for the JCA and key requirements for manufacturers
  • Predicted implications of the JCA for European country level P&R decisions
  • Real World Insights from EU payers on the role and impact of the JCA
  • Cross functional requirements for manufacturers to prepare for the JCA (covering Medical, MA, HEOR and Pricing)

With further updates on the JCA methods due in November this year, we are now taking bookings for this 90-minute workshop at a nominal cost of £1,000 ($1,200/€1,200) which will be hosted following the update.  We encourage attendance from cross-functional teams to include Medical, MA, HEOR and Pricing, to gain a comprehensive update on the implications and actions moving forward.

To learn more and book your preferred day, please complete the details below and a member of our team will be in touch.