"The more we understand, the better we become. My aspirations are to explore what really matters within the global development community. Taking time to understand what truly matters, rewards the most meaningful outcomes"

60 seconds with Alan Hutton, Head of Client Engagement and Commercial Development

Q: Tell us about you

A: I joined the life sciences industry in 2007 following a 10 year career in automotive with in the high performance/motorsport sector. I have been involved with client relationships and B2B development from the late 90’s through to now, working on long term relationship development and strategic multi-year programs. I have always had an interest in the sciences and the human condition, medically and societally, and now find myself in an organisation that truly wants to make a difference to both. Outside of work I am a keen musician, in my spare time I work with multiple mediums around arrangements and recordings, even enjoying a record deal in my late teens, which obviously didn’t work out. I like to keep busy!


Q: What is your role at Lightning Health?

A: I am Head of Client Engagement and Commercial Development. My day to day consists of exploring the relationships we hold and understanding potential to better effect, ensuring that our clients receive the maximum out of their investments with us. My focus is also towards that of development, synergies and onward opportunities that enhance our service footprint globally.


Q: Tell us more about Lightning Insights.

A: The Lightning Insights platform provides a unique opportunity to reach our global stakeholder community to better inform your multi-dimensional research needs. From ‘on-demand’ business development insights and internal meeting fact checking, to less time-sensitive pivotal discreet projects that inform later stage critical decisions, the platform can support it all. We also have so much more to come. Our current clients are engaging with us in a way that allows us to further develop this flexible tool, and we are already starting to see the roadmap and the very exciting journey ahead.



Article published 18 March 2022.