“The variety of Lightning Health’s projects excited my interests in health economics and global policy in providing access to care.”

60 seconds with Doris De Causmaecker, Analyst

Q: Tell us about you

A: With a background in pharmacy, I completed my studies in Nursing and Social Casework in Leuven, and graduated with projects on dementia (Belgium) and neuro-intensive care (Germany). This led me to have a deep interest in the functionality of society and caregiver support and provided me with insights on reinventing care for the elderly and meaningful dementia approaches. In 2021, I moved to the UK to broaden my understanding of healthcare.

With the ultimate goal of advocating for health equality, I dedicated my graduate degree at City University, London to Health Management. This led me to discover Lightning Health’s vision, and I joined the team temporarily as a Junior Analyst whilst completing my degree earlier this year. The variety of Lightning Health’s projects excited my interests in health economics and global policy in providing access to care. What might have inspired me the most is the pro-bono project the team of analysts carried out independently, from desk to primary research and final delivery.

Q: What is your role at Lightning Health?

A: Following the completion of my degree, I rejoined Lightning Health as an Analyst where I have received a solid package of training on market access and health technology assessment. Since joining Lightning Health, I have become aware of how being Belgian allows me to be resilient in the understanding of ever-changing policies, and how our strength of languages, which we often take for granted, is a major facilitator in research and outreach. In my role, I engage in full project processes and am trusted with broader responsibilities in primary and secondary research and analysis to inform recommendations for life sciences companies.


Q: ‘Who is it for?’

A: My mission in life is to provide globally equal tools and knowledge to sustain living well. Growing up volunteering, we were often reminded of a non-judgmental and reflective question: ‘Who is it for?’ This guided me through my studies and career to focus on the purpose of the end goal. Caring extends further than delivering tools and health technologies. As a nurse, I experienced how precious it is to accompany fellow human beings on their path to living independently and healthily. Investing in healthcare innovation can only be successful for society if the end-users are positioned righteously in power to make informed decisions about their wellbeing. With my social casework background, I aspire to assist Lightning Health with strategic support in making better care more accessible to those who need it the most, to help ensure that every pound invested generates the maximum QoL, and encourage governments to rethink the provision of care and pressure on hospital staff.



Article published 25 November 2022.