60 seconds with Joshua Beddow, Junior Analyst

Q: Tell us about you

A: I am an Economics student at Loughborough University and currently on my placement year here at Lightning APIMy choice of degree has allowed me to explore a vast array of areas including classic economic theory, politics, globalisation, data analysis, and of course, healthcare. This has allowed me to develop a wide view of the world and an ability to approach scenarios from different angles. 

Behavioural economics is an area that I have a particular interest in, as I believe it will experience major growth in the near future and become a key part of modern economic thinking. It is also something that is highly applicable to the healthcare industry because it can relate to matters such as payer’s perceptions of drugs and spending allocations, along with many other areas. 

When I am not working, I am usually devoting my time to playing American football, a sport which I feel I am naturally suited for. Otherwise I enjoy making music and playing video games with my mates!


Q: What is your role at Lightning Health?

A: Following a month-long internship at Lightning Health last year, I have returned as part of my year-in-industry for my degree course. I am working as a Junior Analystgetting involved in a range of tasks, from consultancy and performing desk research to more economic-based data analysis. 

The role is very relevant to my studies as it combines some key economic principles with contextualised real-world application, which is something that I personally find very satisfying to see come together. 


Q: Where do you see yourself once your studies are complete?

A: My personal goal is to gain as much experience as possibleas well as learning more about the industryin order to maximise the benefits of the great opportunity that I have been given here at Lightning HealthHopefully, this will put me in the best stead when assessing my options after finishing my degree. 

Currently, I can see myself pursuing a career in healthcare, potentially as a Health Economist. It is an area that I am gaining more and more insight into and is a field that will always be necessary, as well as being greatly beneficial to society. 


Article published 28 October 2020.

Following a month-long internship last year, I have returned to Lightning Health as part of my year-in-industry for my degree course.