Current and Future Initiatives to Incentivise the Development of Novel Antimicrobials

Tackling the rising problem of antimicrobial resistance

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The increasing widespread use and misuse of antimicrobials is driving the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance that could lead to a major global health disaster. Stewardship programmes, education and more accurate diagnosis will help to preserve the effectiveness of current drugs. However, the current antimicrobial pipeline is unlikely to prove sufficient against this growing problem of drug-resistant infections. Strategic and sustainable initiatives are required to encourage investment in the development of new, novel antimicrobials around the world.

In this comprehensive report, featuring the perspective of an industry organisation that has launched an antimicrobial therapy, Nancy Cross, Senior Analyst at Lightning Health, reviews the current and future initiatives to incentivise the development of novel antimicrobials and outlines what is required to ensure sustainable change to avoid a global health disaster.