Reducing Inequity: Does the Reform of the EU Pharmaceutical Legislation Address Challenges to Pharmaceutical Access in Central and Eastern Europe?

Nick Stringfellow, Senior Analyst at Lightning Health presents research at ISPOR Europe 2023 exploring HTA representative and payer perceptions of the proposed EU Pharmaceutical Legislation

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The new EU Pharmaceutical legislation sets out criteria for manufacturers that must be met before maximum market exclusivity can be gained. The implications of the proposed reforms in terms of launch timelines, assessment requirements and equitable access to medicines (in particular ATMPs) across Member States is an area of high uncertainty, which has been investigated further through this research.

Using the Lightning Insights platform to survey payers and HTA representatives, our research programme explored stakeholder perceptions of the proposed legislation, with a focus on implementation in member states where patient access to new medicines is currently more limited; Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia.

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Article published 13 November 2023.