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The Value of Technology to Reduce Barriers to Clinical Trial Diversity and Facilitate the Development of Patient-Centric Medicines

Maddy Dawson and Nancy Cross, Consultants at Lightning Health present research at ISPOR Europe 2022 exploring the value of technology to deduce barriers to clinical trial diversity and facilitate the development of patient-centric medicine

The Impact of the EU-JCA throughout European Healthcare Systems

Jake James, Senior Analyst at Lightning Health presents research at ISPOR Europe 2022 exploring the impact the EU-JCA will have throughout European healthcare systems (HTA93)


Lightning Health to present research posters at ISPOR Europe 2022

Our expert team will be at the meeting to present their recent research

Modernising the clinical trial: a shift to decentralised trials driven by advances in technology and catalysed by the COVID-19 pandemic

Nancy Cross, Senior Analyst at Lightning Health presents a research poster at ISPOR Europe 2021 on payer awareness and perceptions of decentralised clinical trials. (POSB278)

Challenges and opportunities for digital therapeutics: key requirements to demonstrate value across the EU, England and the US

Nasos Kipentzoglou presents new research at ISPOR Europe 2021 looking at the current processes for the evaluation of digital therapeutics (DTx), to ensure they meet the requirements of healthcare systems and ultimately, benefit patients. (POSB295)

Cross-border collaboration to support pricing and access for high-cost, high-value therapies: a review of initiatives in Europe

Yasmina Zegaoui and Eleanor Butler present recent research at ISPOR Europe reviewing cross-country collaboration models with a focus on health technology assessment

Lightning Health to present three posters at the Virtual ISPOR Europe 2021

Our expert team will present three posters of their recent work and thinking

Lightning Health delighted to be presenting three posters at the Virtual ISPOR Europe 2021!

Our expert team will be presenting three posters of our recent work and thinking